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At Heat Pumps Scotland, whether you are looking for commercial heat pumps or domestic, we can help you with the supply, installation, and maintenance.

While our HQ is in Glasglow, we operate through Scotland, including the residents and businesses of Edinburgh and the surrounding areas.

Services We Provide in Edinburgh

Commercial & Domestic

  • Air source Pumps
  • Ground Source Heat Pumps
  • Hybrid Heat Pumps
  • Heat Pump Servicing & Maintenance

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By answering just a few questions we will tell you how much your heat pump installation will cost:
We just received a 16KW Air Source Pump and Heat Pump Scotland did a fantastic job. Excellent communication from start to finish of the project. Installation was also done to a good standard. Definitely recommend and would use again.
David Munro

How it Works

Soon after you’ve contacted us, one of our engineers at Heat Pumps Scotland will be in touch with you within 24hrs of you having made an inquiry.

In most cases, it can also be within minutes just, depending on how busy we are during the day.

Our talented engineers are experts when it comes to designing heating systems using heat pumps, both air and ground sources, for domestic or commercial properties.

You can ask all sorts of weird and wonderful questions, and I’m sure we’ll have an answer for you. However, if we find ourselves stuck, we will endeavor to find an answer within minutes, if not seconds (put you on hold for a sec).

Our heat pump engineers will discuss your requirements in detail, understand precisely what’s required, and provide you with all the information you need, followed by a confirmation in an email.

If we quickly establish that heat pump technology is not the right one for you during your call, then we won’t waste your or our time by booking a site visit.

Provided you’re happy with the information you’ve received so far, and you would like to arrange a site visit, we will organise this for you & preferably, the handsome gentleman you’ve been speaking to will conduct a site visit as he’s got all the information and to avoid any miscommunication will follow up the complete process.

Once the site visit has been carried out, and you like what you heard during the site visit as to the location of the heat pump, hot water cylinder etc, we will email you a formal quote along with all the details that have been agreed.

We do not require any signatures or deposits on the day you have time to think and make a decision in your time.

If we’ve held up to your expectations thus far and you’d like to place an order with us, we would request a deposit payment along with a signed contract to be emailed over to us.

From here on, you will be in the safe hands of one of our office staff, who will be your project manager and will be responsible for ordering materials, install dates, invoicing, commissioning paperwork & help with your grants/loans.

Before we provide you with an installation date to install your heat pump, it is very important that we carry out a thorough survey and go over everything with you, explaining what to expect before and on the day of the heat pump install etc.

There are a lot of things that are discussed and agreed. E.g. your heat pump location, hot water cylinder location, preferred routes for pipework, the level of disruption to be expected, do you need to clear out any rooms before our engineer arrives, how we will lift and relay the carpets etc.

After all these details have been discussed, it’s only then do-we book a heat pump install date. It sounds like a lot, but to be fair, it doesn’t take us more than a maximum of an hour if everything is fairly straightforward.

We will always do our best to accommodate and reduce as much disruption as possible. On the day, our engineers turn up with dust sheets and make sure all the walkways and areas that they will be working on will be protected.

At the end of every shift, our engineers will tidy up and leave everything clean after themselves.

If the work we’re doing is very intrusive and involves lifting floorboards etc, and you can move out of the house for the duration of the installation, we’ll be able to finish the job much quicker. But we understand this is often not possible and are well used to working with homeowners living in the property.

On the anniversary of your installation, we will contact you to book an annual service and make sure your system is well looked after.


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Get Your Free Edinburgh Heat Pumps Installation Quote Instantly

By answering just a few questions we will tell you how much your heat pump installation will cost:

About Heat Pumps

As we outlined below, there is a range of heat pumps available, including ground and air source.

They operate by removing heat from natural resources (the ground & air) and bringing it to the areas where the heat is required in your commercial or domestic building for central heating or hot water needs.

While heat pumps will have a small environmental impact by using some electricity, they have a lesser effect on the environment when compared with conventional heating systems as the heat extracted from the ground and air is renewable.

heat pump installed outside a house

Heat Pump Products

ground source heat pump working

A ground source heat pump uses pipes that are beneath the garden to extract energy from the ground. This type of heating can then be used to power radiators, underfloor or air systems, and even your hot water.

heat pump samsung

Air source heat pumps remove energy from the air, which can then be transferred into heating systems such as radiators, underfloor heating, or warm air connectors. They can even operate in temperatures as low as -15° C!

heating grants scotland heat pump

Hybrid heat pumps take the available heat from the ground or air which surrounds a property. While the heat is being processed by a heat pump it is increased to a more useful temperature which can be used to heat your home.


See some of the frequently asked questions customers have about heat pumps.

A heat pump is a device that transfers thermal energy between two spaces, usually between the outdoors and indoor spaces.

It works by extracting energy via the ground (ground source heat pump) or via the air (air-source heat pump).

Homeowners in Scotland can still apply for a Scottish government ground and air source heat pump grant for up to £8,000 toward the cost of installation. In Scotland, the grants can be applied for directly with home energy Scotland, and they can be contacted on 0808 808 2282. See more information on our heat pump grants & funding page.

Sub Service Areas

See some of the areas we service around Edinburgh

Neighborhoods in Edinburgh we Service:

  • Royal Mile & City Centre
  • New Town
  • Leith & Leith Walk
  • Corstorphine
  • Gorgie & Dalry
  • Portobello
  • Bruntsfield & Morningside
  • South Queensferry
  • Tollcross
  • Southside
  • West End
  • Grassmarket
  • Stockbridge

Plus, the surrounding areas

Other Cities we Operate in:


Note: We operate throughout Scotland, so feel free to give us a call or send us an email to see how we can assist you.

Get Your Free Heat Pumps Installation Quote Instantly

By answering just a few questions we will tell you how much your heat pump installation will cost: