Types of commercial heat collection systems.

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Commercial ground source heat pumps.

Are you looking for installation of ground heat pumps? Ground Source Heat pumps are types of pipes are filled with a combination of water and antifreeze. This mixture is effective as it circulates through the pipe absorbing heat from the ground, meaning it preserves energy.

Before installation of your commercial heat pumps begin consider; The design of the system will determine the overall length of collection loop required to meet the building’s needs; this will be dependent upon the building design and where geographically your site is. Consultation will be required for the installation of Commercial Heat Pumps.

How does this method work? The process involves drilling to the required depth which will benefit from the higher ground temperatures in comparison to a horizontal trench even though installation costs could be more expensive.

Integrating with existing heating systems.

Commercial heat pumps work at their best if they provide heat over a long time frame. This allows the heating circuit that runs at a lower temperature (35-55°C) to benefit from this lower temperature output your home will need to be reasonably ‘air tight’ and well insulated.

Heat Pumps Scotland’s systems can be particularly effective when used to run under-floor heating. This will allow the pump to work at a consistent level over a period of time and to provide sufficient heat while operating at a lower temperature.

If you are using a secondary heating source to raise the temperature in some rooms it is possible to do this by using a central heating system or small room heaters.

This may however effect your eligibility for the Renewable Heat Incentive, make sure you check this prior to installation if plan on applying for RHI payments.

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Water source heat pumps.

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Whether you use the same heat collection system that is immersed in a lake or other body of water, remember that for both cases –  by the time your ground source heat pump is installed there should be nothing visible above ground.

Air source heat pumps.

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By using an air source heat pump it is enabling air to be the source of ambient heat energy. They do not rely on a collection system and simply extract the heat from the source at the point of use.

Air source heat pumps work at the their best when fitted outside the property where there is unrestricted air flow.

Benefits of Commercial Heat Pumps.

Commercial heat pumps are energy efficient and can be combined with a solar hot water; this means that it can also be used to top up the ground temperature to increase system efficiency. However, you may still need additional top-up heating from.

The benefit of switching to commercial heat pumps is that it gives out more energy than they use, and in most cases much more. If you use a good quality commercial heat pump you can have a system efficiency of over 300%!

The results from these products really are astonishing – The Energy Saving Trust has proven that heat pump showed that in a sample of existing installations monitored in the UK a typical ground source system has an efficiency of 250%, and air source systems efficiency is 220%.

What does a heat pump need to provide heating?

The three main parts to any heat pump system:

  • A heat source and the means of extracting heat e.g. a ground loop.
  • A circuit of fluid in the heat pump and a power source.
  • A heat distribution system in the home e.g.the under-floor heating system.

How is the heat generated?

Heat is generated by the central component of a heat pump is the compressor. For most cases this is usually driven by an electric motor.

Good news! Commercial heat pumps are listed under Permitted Development; this means you do not need to get planning permission before installing. It may be advisable to look into planning as some locations/circumstances fall into different categories.

For example, if you live in a National Park, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Conservation Area, Listed Building, or any other protected area we would advise that you look into the view of your local Planning Authority before installing a commercial air source heat pump.

For more information on this it can be found in The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (Amendment) (England) Order 2011. It may also be worthwhile having a look at Listed Building Consent to install a ground source heat pump within the grounds of a Listed Building.

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