Samsung air source heat pump

Samsung Air Source Heat Pump

Samsung were founded all the way back in 1938 in Korea. They have over 80 years’ worth of experience providing customers – both commercial and general public – with high quality, reliable products in a number of different fields. This has led to Samsung being one of the most recognisable brands in not just the energy world – but also in the general public.

One of the main focuses of the company is to provide clean, renewable energy to both commercial and domestic customers. In 2012 they introduced their range of domestic EHS Samsung Heat Pump selection with a view to providing homes with the world’s top class of energy efficiency.

The EHS system was designed to be more reliable in colder climates than other models, making it perfect for use in Great Britain, and to help to reduce carbon emissions and diminish climate change in the United Kingdom.

How a Samsung Heat Pump System Will Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Energy powers everything that we do in Scotland. From keeping our hospitals and schools running all the way through to letting us have some down time by watching the TV.

Yet, producing energy can come at a cost to the environment. 30% of all greenhouse gas emissions come from energy supply, this then leads to global warming and climate change. The most prevalent greenhouse gas is Carbon Dioxide. This is produced by human practices like burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) in order to produce energy.

There are now plans put in place by the Scottish Government that aim to reduce these emissions. They aim to have 30% of all energy consumption in Scotland to be renewable energy sources by 2020. One of the best ways to contribute is by installing both commercial heat pumps and domestic heat pumps.

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