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At Heat Pumps Scotland we believe Heat pumps are great solutions to traditional central heating systems as the electricity they use to run is minimal in comparison, making them not only a more efficient heating choice, but a far more environmentally friendly option too. Normally when utilising a well-designed heat pump, a user will only need one unit of electricity in order to delivery three, or even more, units of heat.

This all boils down to having a smaller carbon footprint and a lower heating cost. No matter if you are a private owner looking to improve your own home heating situation, a landlord looking to reduce maintenance costs and improve tenants living conditions, or a commercial property looking to reduce overheads, heat pumps Scotland are the way to go about this.

No matter whether you are looking for commercial heat pumps or domestic heat pumps, we can help you with the supply, heat pump installation, and maintenance.

What is a heat pump?

There are two main types of heat pump, ground source and air source. They work by extracting heat from these natural sources and displace it into areas of a higher temperature than that of the source location, either in your domestic property or commercial building. Heat pumps can be used to bring warmth to both your central heating system and hot water.

There are varying types of heat pumps; Air-to-water, air-to-air, ground-to-water and ground-to-air and all work with multiple heating systems, both wet and dry, to suit your individual needs. They come in a variety of outputs and inputs, so no matter the circumstance, there will be a heat pump that is suitable to your needs.

There is some environmental impact with heat pumps as they use a small amount of electricity to run, but have much less impact than traditional systems due to the renewable nature of the energy they extract from the air or ground.

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How do heat pumps work?

Heat pumps work by utilising the natural laws of thermodynamics in a unique and exploitive fashion. Normally, heat flows from area of higher temperatures to those of lower temperatures.  The heat pump installation we offer use a specially created fluid that evaporates and condenses in a constant cycle in a closed circuit controlled by valves and a compressor to reverse this flow, creating an environment where heat can be taken from a colder area and placed into a warmer one. This allows heat to be moved from outside a house to inside a house.

Using what’s known as a heat ‘collection loop’, the heat is transported from the air or ground to where it’s needed. In most cases, this would be the heating and hot water systems in your domestic or commercial property. It’s similar to how a refrigerator works but in reverse.

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Heat pump guide

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What are the key benefits of heat pumps?

Heat pumps use the latest in renewable technology and grow every year in popularity in the UK. Their low running costs and reduction in carbon emissions are well known, but there are other lesser known benefits too. Their simplicity, self-encapsulated design, and modular design are all additional benefits not often thought of.

Easy Integration

Ground and air source heat pumps can be installed with relative ease to the majority of homes in the UK – even those which already have solar water heating systems – which allows the home to have a fully inclusive renewable heating and hot water system. Once your heat pump is installed, it becomes fully automatic to the property’s central heating and hot water circuit. When combined with existing renewable and sustainable home heating systems, this can mean having a house that is not reliant on the grid, and in some circumstances actually sell electricity back to the grid.


Your ground source heat pump collection loop can be installed in a way that suits your needs, either vertically or horizontally into the ground. For each type of property there will be a heat pump installation solution suitable for you, no matter whether you have a large garden or a small square of land.

Air source heat pumps tend to be even easier to fit. Their compact, modular design allows them to be placed in areas that would normally go unused, and they can be fitted in modules up to the amount of output required for the property. Their self-contained design also means that they can easily be removed and replaced when it comes to maintenance or replacement of broken units.

Costs, funding and savings.

Each heat pump installation will have a bespoke price, and these can vary greatly from property to property. This is why it’s so important to research your needs as much as possible; it saves time and money further down the line. As heat pump specialists, we will discuss your specifications with you and advise you on the best type of heat pump for your needs. We will fully design, supply, install, and commission your Heat Pump Solution in line with MCS standards. We take into account everything from the property location, build type, level of insulation, and the sizes of every room.

Air source heat pumps can cost as little as £6,000, and ground source heat pumps can cost as little as £9,000. Running costs vary as with any central heating system it is dependent on the size of property and consumer usage.

Typically, a three bed semi-detached home with a normal level of insulation can expect to pay around £750-£850 annually for their energy using an air source heat pump. This information is based on current energy prices and does not take into account those on Economy 7 or 10 tariffs, which could incur even lower running costs due to their specific heating patterns. The greatest savings when installing a heat pump will be seen when a renewable system replaces a coal, oil or LPG heating system.

With the domestic RHI scheme ending on 31st March 2022 for installing heat pumps in Scotland. It is not all over yet; the good news is that homeowners in Scotland can still apply for a Scottish government ground and air source heat pump grant for up to £8,000 toward the cost of installation.

Find out what funding is currently available on our air & ground source heat pump grants page.

The Choices Of Heat Pumps Available

When it comes to brands of heat pumps available for installation through Heat Pumps Scotland, there is a variety to choose from. There are many reputable brands involved in the advancement of the heat pumps; some of them have been in the business for over 5 decades!

The heat pump products that we can supply, install, or service are as follows:

What should I expect from my heat pump installer?

  • Complete a property visit and technical survey before any quote is given.
  • Comply with MCS accreditation standards.
  • Estimate how much energy will be produced by chosen system.
  • Supply operating instructions and advice on how to use the system.
  • Supply workmanship warranties.
  • Not ask for more than a 25% deposit and allow 7 days cancellation period.
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